Interview to Sheik Prof. Kamal BORAIQA ABDELASALM


Al Azhar University – Cairo (Egypt)
Al Azhar University – Cairo (Egypt)


New York – October 5, 2018
“Education is one of the most important and powerful elements for countering the jihadist narrative”

AbdAllah Massimo Cozzolino, Chairman of the Advisory Board – Trivalent, interviewed Prof. Kamal BORAIQA ABDELASALM, coordinator of the Observatory of radicalization at the University of Al Azahar, in a while of the 2nd Conference on Cultural Rapprochement between United States of America and Muslim world, New York, 4- 5 ottobre 2018.
The Observatory of Al Azhar University at local, regional and even international levels has been improving significantly since the last presidential election in 2014 – due to the fact that is a strategic partner in the battle against the rising tide of Islamic terror and the religious rhetoric of terrorist organizations. The Al Azhar Institute, which was established by the Fatimids in the year 972, is considered to be the most promise and influential educational institution in the Sunni Muslim world since 1172.
The observatory studies the drivers of radicalization and extreme violence in various contexts, in their various forms and in their political and religious dimensions, in order to make this eminently complex phenomenon intelligible without reducing it to “radical Islamism”.
The Observatory aims to analyze the urban geography of violent radicalization through an in-depth approach to family processes and a history of difficult districts, as well as to compare the public policies implemented at the local and national levels.

TRIVALENT General Assembly and Panel Sessions

TRIVALENT General Assembly and Panel Sessions

Rome, 13-14 June 2018

The TRIVALENT General Assembly and Panel Sessions took place in Rome on 13-14 June 2018 at The Centre of excellence Altiero Spinelli (CeAS) Roma Tre University with the participation of TRIVALENT partners.

See the Agenda of the event:

Agenda General Assembly


ICT’s 18th Annual World Summit on Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism

ICT’s 18th Annual World Summit on Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism

September 3-6, 2018 – Herzliya, Israel

The International Institute for Counter-Terrorism’s (ICT’s) 18th World Summit on Counter-Terrorism will take place on September 3-6, 2018. The conference will convene two days of Plenary Sessions, on September 3 and September 4, 2018 (held at the Sharon hotel, Herzliya, Israel), and two days of Workshop Sessions, on September 5 – 6, 2018 (held at the IDC Herzliya, Israel).
Conference workshops include among others — Terrorism Threat to Israel; The Future of Global Jihad; Iran, Hezbollah & Shi’ite Terrorism; New Battlefield / Old Laws: When Disaster Hits: Threats, Preparedness, and Legal Gaps.

WebSci’18 Awards

At the WebSci’18 Social Event and Banquet on Tuesday evening 29 May 2018, several awards were handed out by the respective Conference Chairs.

The WebSci’18 Best Paper Award was shared equally by two papers:
– Miriam Fernandez, Moizzah Asif, & Harith Alani: Understanding the Roots of Radicalisation on Twitter
– Reuben Binns, Ulrik Lyngs, Max Van Kleek, Jun Zhao, Timothy Libert, & Nigel Shadbolt: Third Party Tracking in the Mobile Ecosystem.

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Platform for Analyzing Social Media Data to Understand Extremist Activities

Parantapa Goswami (VISEO) was invited to present the activities on the analysis of social media data to understand extremist activities through two EU project Trivalent. He presented the generalised model proposed in psychology and social sciences defining factors, roots and stages of radicalisation and how this model is incorporated in the activities of WP3 of the project. The works of Open University (Fernandez et. al., WebSci’18) on “Understanding the Roots of Radicalisation on Twitter“, and the classification approach used by Zanassi & Partners are mentioned.
A version of Safapp (currently being adapted for Trivalent) is also demonstrated.

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Detecting online grooming and radicalisation

Find below the breakout session made by Professor Harith Alani at the Society of Evidence Based Policing (SEBP) Conference, Milton Keynes, 2018

You may also see the slides he presents here.